Experiences in Egypt

1. The Canadian International College (CIC)

CIC was founded with the vision of establishing Canadian colleges and universities in Egypt, the Middle East, and the Gulf Area. These Canadian campuses were designed to provide a learner-centered academic environment, enabling Middle Eastern and Arab students to obtain a Canadian education without the need to travel to Canada.

CIC is known for its commitment to excellence in higher education. Through partnerships with Canadian universities, it offers outstanding academic programs. CIC equips its students with exceptional skills, fostering multidisciplinary, innovative, and critical thinking. The institution also instills a strong sense of community service.

The Canadian International College (CIC)  was the first in this series of Canadian campuses and was established in 2004. Here are some key facts about CIC :

  • 5 Institutes, 17 academic programs, and 2 campuses.
  • Total Land area: 35,000 m².
  • Approximately 23,000 students enrolled since 2004.
  • Approximately 11,400 students currently studying at CIC.
  • Transfer into CIC is 4% of available students (yearly basis).
  • Transfer out of CIC is 2% of available students (yearly basis).
  • Academic staff retention: 91% (over 5 years).
  •  37% of academic staff have advanced to the next level of their academic certificates (over 5 years).

2. Universities of Canada in Egypt (UofCanada)

Inaugurated in September 2018, eduME has helped establishing the Universities of Canada in Egypt (UofCanada) in the Egyptian New Administrative Capital as a host for Canadian International Branch Campuses with full support from the Egyptian government. UofCanada has also received full support from the Canadian government through The Canadian Embassy in Egypt. eduME proposed the project of establishing the UofCanada to the Egyptian/Canadian Authorities in early 2016. Discover more about UofCanada at UofCanada.


Experiences in Dubai

In 2015, eduME expanded its horizons by opening a branch in Dubai. This move followed years of involvement in training and management consultations in the UAE, where we collaborated with various clients to enhance educational standards and opportunities.

Experiences in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, eduME has been instrumental in providing consultations and support to set up several educational institutions. Our expertise and dedication to educational excellence have contributed to the development of educational offerings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Keys to success

At eduME our path to success is defined by several key factors that set us apart in the educational consultancy and management industry